24.02.13 - Thatcher Ferry Bridge

Panama Puente de las Americas

The Bridge of the Americas crosses the pacific ocean approaching the Panama Canal at Balboa.  The bridge is a cantilever design where the suspended span is a tied arch. The bridge has a total of 14 spans reaching the length of 1,654 m (5,425 ft).  Originally named the Thatcher Ferry Bridge, after the original ferry which crossed the canal.  Named after Maurice H. Thatcher who was a member of the canal commission and who introduced the legislation.  The name was unpopular with the government of Panama, who preferred the Bridge of the Americas.  This Panamanian view was officiate, ten days prior to the inauguration, by a resolution of the National Assembly on October 2, 1962.  8°57′0″N,79°34′0″W

Thatcher Ferry Bridge Panama


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