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the hulks powell river BC

Lund is a special area in southern British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast.  The region extends a few hundred kilometres along the Straight of Georgia, from Howe Sound to Desolation Sound.

British Columbia is made up of four physical regions: a mountain system along its west coast that includes the Coast Mountain Range and the Insular Mountains that form Vancouver Island and Haida Gwaii (formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands); a mountain system to the east that includes the Rocky and Columbia Mountain Ranges; the rolling grasslands and forests of the Interior and Stikine Plateaux; and a segment of the continent’s Great Interior Plains referred to as Peace River country, which lies in its north-eastern corner. [hellobc.ca]

Within the incredible deep sea inlets, coastal bays, and interconnected lakes, the First Nations peoples navigated their canoes along the many salt and fresh waterways.  Prohibition-era rum smugglers hid out in secret coves and 19th century Union Steamships ferried passengers, drygoods, as well as, royal mail up and down the Coast.

This is Anji’s playground.  When she is not in the Salish Sea diving she is photographing the world around her.  Her images of the coast appear on hellobc.com and can be viewed on Instagram, Facebook and Zoom Magazine.


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