davis bay

This B&W series of photographs were taken of ‘davis bay’ on the sunshine coast last january with a vintage Rollieflex on 120 Ilford film, they were printed using traditional analogue processes.
After spending this past autumn fine tuning the chemistry to achieve the look I was after for larger 16*20 prints, here is my take of a spectacular moment at ‘davis bay’ as the world frolics about on a brilliant January morning.

one roll | six exposures | one moment
Davis Bay Series

Camera                    | Rollieflex 3.5f
Camera Lens         | Carl Zeiss Planar 75mm
Film                           | Ilford H5P Plus 120
Film Chemistry     | Kodak D-76
Enlarger                | Beseler Dichro 67
Enlarger Lens      | Schneider – Kreuznack 4/80
Paper                        | Ilford Multigrade IV RC Deluxe Pearl
Paper Chemistry  | Ilford Harman Warmtone
Location                 | Davis Bay, Sunshine Coast, BC