07.04.22 - Beth

Beth Whitaker, model and art & design student, approached DNA to create a modelling portfolio.

Her look is dynamic and versatile, she trained as a synchronized swimmer which enables her to holding complicated gestures and poses with ease.  She was such a joy to photograph and work with as she maintain a fresh and positive attitude throughout the multi day shoot.

Beth is now represented by the  Patti Falconer agency.



View the portfolio  Beth Whitaker + Model Portfolio


04.06.21 - green room garden

Greenroom Garden & Design was looking for a fresh start to their online appearance and reached out to dna.RM.  The talented and dynamic duo Erin Sage and Andre Koekemoer were looking for a way to present their projects and services that was both informative and visually appealing.

All the photos are Erin’s – what a great eye for landscape & architecture. The site had to offer a completely self managed solution for them to advertise and to work their design services online.


11.09.16 - Ottico

We had the opportunity to revitalize the 2015 site for the Vancouver Block Optometrists.  They were looking for a way to provide an informative space about eye care & health.  The shoot took place in the clock interior of the historic Vancouver Block building on Granville.  This edwardian gem is crowned with a stunning mechanical clock which became a brilliant light box in the morning sun.

Vancouver Block Clock

ShoutOut to Vik | for  additional sitework & photos
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