October 2013

02.10.13 - Hycroft Gate

hycroft gate profile 2014

After General Alexander Duncan McRae settled in Vancouver in 1907 he build a home for his family in Shaughnessy which became known as Hycroft Manor.  The home was built on the brow of a hill on 5 1/2 acres.

hycroft 1911Hycroft Manor 1927 Leonard Frank Photographer [Vancouver Archives]
hycroft hill stuart thomson 1912Hycroft Manor 1912 Stuart Thomson Photographer [Vancouver Archives]

Designed by Vancouver architect Thomas Hooper, the land and construction upon which the 30 room 3 story structure was build, cost $109,00 in 1911.  After the death of his wife Blanche McRae in 1942, Hycroft Manor was donated to the Government of Canada.  During the war the property was the site of the Shaughnessy Military Hospital, and served as an auxiliary facility for 18 years. It was eventually taken over by the University Women’s Club in 1962 who manage the facility to this day.

Shaughnessy Military Auxiliary Williams Bros 1943Shaugnessy Military Auxillary 1943 Williams Bros. Collection [Vancouver Archives]

Although this unused gate suggests a prohibitive state of inactivity, the vibrant green suggests quite another story. The University Women’s Club of Vancouver has been promoting education, rights and opportunities for women for over a 100 years.

hycroft gate detail 2013
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