September 2013

01.09.13 - L’Institut de Monde Arabe

The brilliant metallic screen at the Institut de Monde Arabe, with it’s moving geometric motifs, is visible through the building’s exterior glass wall. The 240 motifs contain photo-sensitive mechanically controlled apertures, which act as a sophisticated ‘brise soleil’.  The photoelectric lenses automatically open and close to control the amount of sunlight and heat entering the building. The effect is reminiscent of Arabic latticework and creates beautiful filtered light, which is often represented in Islamic architecture.

The IMA, founded in Paris in 1980, is an organization of 18 Arab countries and France.  It was established to research and disseminate information about the Arab world, its cultural and spiritual values.

Institute de monde arabe paris 2013Designed by french architect, Jean Nouvel – Rue des Fossés, Saint Bernard,  5eme Arrondissement, Paris
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