July 2013

23.07.13 - Westminster Abbey

abbey tower 2013Westminster Abbey is a community of Benedictine monks in Mission, British Columbia, established in 1939 from the Abbey of Mount Angel, Oregon.  The Abbey is home to the Seminary of Christ the King and member of the Swiss American Congregation within the Benedictine Confederation. The space, with 80 hectares of land, comprises a monastery, a seminary high school, a college of theology, a chapel, a guest house, and a large working farm.  The monks and seminary students follow the Benedictine tradition of living by the ‘fruit of one’s labour’.  It is a pastoral way of life which aims to make the community as self-sufficient as possible.

Construction began on the new abbey in 1953 and was designed by the Norwegian architect, Asbjørn Gåthe.  The monks began to live on the site in 1954; buildings were gradually added, culminating with the abbey church in 1982. Located at the top of a hill, northeast of the town of Mission, the abbey has a commanding view up the Fraser River valley.

abbey garden

abbey alter

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