February 1998

08.02.98 - Double Exposure

ANJI + DJL Oaxaca - Version 2ANJI & DJL, OAXACA 1998

It was 5:30! Monte Albán was closed yet the light was sweet and bright and alive. We were way across the site and 1,300 ft from the valley floor, we just wanted to stay a moment longer, so we did!

Oaxaca being so close to the equator [17.043° N, 96.767°W] has but 12 hours of light to live by, once it got rather quiet and full of spirits we decided to find our way to the gate, which was super tall & locked. We had heard nasty stories of those who lurk around after dark near the Danzantes’ stones. A guard spotted us and released us from the mystery.

We skipped all the way down the hill.

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